“Training With Myles would have to be one of thee most exhausting things that one could do to be perfectly honest. He constantly finds new limits to push. He won’t let you quit nor is he a sucker for a sad face. On another note, Myles is nurturing and he’s a teacher as well! The work is always solid! #TheWinningTeam” – Paris C.


“The greatest trainer ever.” – Coach Swopes


“Myles is inspirational and motivating.  His ability to elevate you is incredible. Myles is fitness.” – Jess M.


“Training with Myles is tough. You love it and hate it at the same time. He pushes you to limits you didn’t know you could reach. While you’re with him, you hate him, but as soon as you’re done and walking out the studio, you are completely amazed by what your body just did and what Myles helped you do. Hands down most patient, passionate and hands-on trainer you’ll ever meet.” – Iesha M.


“How many ways can I say what it’s like to train with M. M.

Well, he’s:
Professional and gentlemanly
Punctual and consistent
Positive and attentive
Challenges me toward higher and higher performance each time
Mixes it up for maximum cardio, flexibility and strength
Explains why and shows how
Efficient…nothing wasted
Experienced people person
Hard work but no pain
Fun…never bored
No negatives
My highest recommendation goes to Trainer Myles!!!!!!!”   

Bev C.


“My experience with Myles has been impressive to say the least!! Very professional and highly knowledgeable!! He truly makes me feel comfortable in my unfit skin.  Always available to bug him even with the small accomplishments that I make or often bad food decisions! Never “beats me up” about the bad choices, i.e.nachos, ice cream, rather encourages and helps me to find better alternatives. His drive and passion for fitness is what makes him a great trainer!! I truly appreciate his time, effort and extra push he gives me to become healthier. An amazing example of a trainer that gives 100% and practices what he preaches.” 

T. Henderson

“If motivation, flexibility, and personal approach is what you’re looking for, then Myles is your guy! Challenging yet rewarding. Tough but understanding. No two sessions are alike. Circuit, interval, strength training, you name it; you’ll get it. He has a vast knowledge of his profession and always encourages you to be proactive. He truly understands if you fall short and/or lose sight of your goals. But is patient and always willing to help pick up where you left off.

P.S. He’s the King of fitness Hashtags #DontCheatYourselfTreatYourself”

– Ericka J.


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