At least 30-A-Day


Over the past 2 months, I have been talking fitness with clients and various people looking to increase their current level of fitness.  I engaged in these conversations to actively listen.  The common theme in 95% of these conversations is the lack of time, space, and resources to exercise consistently.  I learned to lift weights from some old school, hardcore lifters with an old school, hardcore mentality in old school, hardcore gyms.  Needless to say the foundation of my mentality towards fitness is old school, and hardcore.  So, when someone tells me they do not have the time, space, or resources to exercise consistently I immediately label it an excuse.  If you really want it, you will MAKE time for it, right?  Yes, and there is always time.  Especially when all you need is your body, an open space and at least 30 minutes daily.

I want to help!  I want you to crush any excuse that tries to creep into your mind!

I’ve created a bunch of 30-40 minute workouts to get and keep you moving!  You will need your body, some open space and some effort!

Let’s start with this.

-Walk or Jog x10 minutes
-Alternate for 10 minutes
-Squat x1min
-Front Plank x1min
-Walk or Jog  x10 minutes

Go at your desired pace Rest as needed.  This workout is efficient and effective.  Give it a try and let me know how it goes!

Click the “30-A-Day” page in the Menu above for daily, efficient, and effective workouts!





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