2017 Photo-shoot…Goal Achieved


I have many goals written for 2017.  One of them was to have a professional fitness photo-shoot.  To set a goal, focus on it, and actually accomplish it, brings a feeling that cannot be properly put into words.  I want to create this feeling over and over again for the rest of my life, so I will continue to set goals and put in the work until they are achieved.

Much love and gratitude to Photographer Mary Carol Fitzgerald and her team!  We had to call a few audibles during the process.  She was super professional, kind, and patient through it all.

You can view her awesome work at:  http://www.marycarolfitzgerald.com/

Much love to my family!  I have a support team like no other in this world.  They are a crucial part of the reason I am in a solid position.

The actual shoot was a lot of fun.  I put a few of the photos in the “Training Gallery”.  Click the tab and check them out.  They are CRAZY!!!  I will post more soon!

I have more ideas and will definitely do another photoshoot in the near future.

Thank you for reading!  Your support is never unappreciated!

Stay Motivated!

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