I really really like this weeks workout and I think you will too!  This is a great way to do intense cardio while building muscular strength and endurance.

Grab a deck of cards and a timer.  Remove the Jokers.  There should be 52 cards in the deck, count them!  Shuffle the deck thoroughly and place it face down.  Pull a card and complete your choice of exercise for 30 seconds from the chart below based on the suit of the card.

If this seems like a lot, I did some math that will ease your mind, maybe…

52 cards x 30 seconds per card = 1,560 seconds

1,560 seconds/60 seconds per minute = 26 minutes

26 minutes of work! not bad! right!?

Correct me if I am miscalculating.

Be sure to rest as needed and have water within arms reach.  This workout will get your heart racing and muscles burning!

Please contact me with any questions.

I hope this helps someone, somewhere


Heart – 30 second stair run OR jumping jacks

Spade – 30 second bear crawl OR mountain climbers

Club – 30 second wall sit OR ice skaters

Diamond – 30 second bicycle crunches OR front plank

2 thoughts on “WORKOUT OF THE WEEK #10

  1. Does the number on the card you pull represent the number of reps in the set that need to be done or is the number irrelevant??


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