Small sacrafices, Big goals



Saturday is my favorite day of the week, especially Saturday morning. I’m not sure why, it’s just a good feeling. Tomorrow will be exactly 10 weeks until my photoshoot and Im ready to get in attack mode! Once again, the discipline and focus I talk and yell about allll the time will be on display!

Keys to preparation:
– [ ] Clean eating (No Alcohol, No Breads or pastas, No refined sugars) except for a cheat meal here and there.
– [ ] Train everyday! No excuses
– [ ] Document the process

This will be even more challenging because my BIRTHDAY is on April 5th😳 which is about 4 weeks from shoot day. Yea, Ive decided not to have a drink for my birthday. I will have a cheat meal and get back on track immediately! I want to accomplish this goal more than I want to have a celebratory drink on my birthday.

Do you want to be FIT more than you want to lay in the bed?  I reccomend you sacrafice a few minutes of sleep and start your Saturday morning off with a great workout! Give the “Workout of the Week” a try and let me know what you think!

On the way to train a client. Everyone have a great Saturday!

3 thoughts on “Small sacrafices, Big goals

  1. DICIPLINE!!!??…Hence I struggle!
    I can go for two weeks straight… doing all the right things…AND then… I fall off! It pisses me off and I never seem to get to the accomplishment stage… More Suggestions please

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