Write down your telephone number EXCLUDING the area code. Complete the exercises from each digit of your 7 digit telephone number IN ORDER. Perform each exercise for 60 seconds with as little rest as possible between exercises, totaling 7 minutes of WORK! This is 1 round. Rest 2 minutes and repeat between 2-4 rounds for a fun, effective workout. Pace yourself accordingly.

For even more variety, try this with a group, using a different persons phone number each round.  If solo, scroll through your contacts and pick numbers at random to knock out each round!

Check out the technique video for guidance and modifications to some of the movements.

1-Jumping jacks
3- Plank
4-Mountan climbers
5-Lateral shuffle
6-Push ups
7-Russian twist
8-Standing knee to elbow
0- Lunges or squats

I hope this helps someone, somewhere


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