img_5548Booked my first professional photoshoot yesterday! The date is set for April 30, 2017. So, over the next 9-10 weeks I will be in preparation mode. I want to be as lean and conditioned as possible. It will be an outdoor shoot, so i’ll talk to mother nature and see if she can do me a favor😀. I have not identified a location, if you know of or see any cool places for a fitness photo shoot, send them to me! I’m looking forward to having some fun!

Today, I am going to email a couple of the trainers at the gym I train out of to see if I can shadow them during one of their sessions. I want to get better at training, period. These guys are always in the gym killing it with exercises and combos I’ve never seen before. I think it will be good to get some insight on how they structure workouts, what their foundation is, what their training philosophy is etc…So hopefully they don’t mind.

Get in motion and stay in motion!💪🏾


I have early morning clients a few days per week so I get up and do 20-40 minutes of conditioning/cardio.  This morning I did 20 minutes of walking lunges.  I will train chest this evening

– [ ] 3 whole eggs
– [ ] Brown rice
– [ ] Apple

– [ ] Baked chicken thighs
– [ ] Green beans
– [ ] Brown rice
– [ ] 1/2 avocado

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