I realized this morning that my training has been stalled since the powerlifting competition in December. There are a few factors contributing to this;

1.  I don’t have a set date to accomplish my next goal.
2.  No accountability partner.
3.  Overall lack of motivation

It all hit me when I got to the gym at 5am to meet my brother and he didn’t show up. I sat in the gym for about 10 minutes, pissed off haha. I left the gym and started digging into my thoughts and reflecting on my training the last few months. I realized that I have been going through the motions the past 2 months. Working only to maintain a decent level of fitness.  I realized I was not pissed at my brother, I was pissed at myself. The factors above are nothing but excuses that I will change TODAY! Action plan;

1. My next goal is to do a professional fitness photoshoot. I will research and book it by Monday, 2/20/17
2. I will stop worrying about someone holding me accountable, and hold myself accountable! Every fucking day!
3. Remind myself daily of my purpose, be grateful for the things I am able to do, remind myself that the motivation is and always will be internal. Find it daily!

No more stalling! I will train this evening, deadlifts and full back.

Breakfast was solid:
– [ ] 4 whole eggs
– [ ] beef bacon
– [ ] apple

Lunch is on deck:
– [ ] Turkey sausage
– [ ] brown rice
– [ ] mixed vegges w/coconut oil

1 gallon of water to drink by days end.

Check out the weekly workouts and give them a try!   let me know what you think.


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