This weeks workout is a test of pure will!  You have no limits! You can do this!

Beginner: Perform 1-2 times this week

Intermediate:  Perform 3 times this week

Advanced:  Perform 4-5 times this week


– [ ] jog in place/jump rope for 3 minutes and stretch lightly

Core: 3 rounds
Stability alternates x10
donkey kicks x10
super mans x10

*Rest for 2 minutes

– [ ] Lunge x100 (50 each leg)
– [ ] Dips x100
– [ ] Floor crunches x100
– [ ] Jumping Jacks x100
– [ ] Pushups x100 or plank x5 minutes

Cool down:
– [ ] Stretch thoroughly for 5-10 minutes

*Complete the prescribed number of reps for each exercise before moving to the next. Rest as little as possible and push yourself through.

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