This weeks workout gives you beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels! This is a full body workouts that can be done ANYWHERE! You are guaranteed to work up a sweat, increase your heart rate, and burn fat while building muscular strength and endurance. Choose any level and complete the workout 2-4 times this week.

Go at your own pace and do what you can. If you have any questions about modifications or how to perform an exercise, do not hesitate to contact me.

#Stay Motivated

– [ ] jog in place 3 minutes/stretch lightly

Core: 4 rounds
– [ ] plank x30 seconds
– [ ] donkey kicks x15 each leg
– [ ] supermans x15

Beginner: 3 rounds
Intermediate: 5 rounds
Advanced: 10 rounds

– [ ] Lunge x10 each leg
– [ ] push-ups x10
– [ ] bicycle crunches x10
– [ ] burpees x10
– [ ] dips x10

*Rest for 1 minute and repeat

Cool down:
– [ ] Stretch thoroughly for 5-10 minutes

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