It’s 6:39am on Saturday, September 17, 2016. This body doesn’t allow me to sleep past 7am ha! “I am grateful for this day, I will never see this day again in this lifetime, I have my health, I have a home, and I will not miss a meal. Lets live this day to the fullest Mayfield!”. This is my first thought each day I am fortunate enough to open these eye lids. This thought shapes my attitude for the entire day.

What are your first thoughts in the morning? Do you believe they impact the flow of your day??

– [ ] I will probably train twice today. I am in full preparation for an upcoming powerlifting meet. I’ll definitely provide details as it gets closer.
– [ ] I have a couple of clients to train today.

– [ ] I am working on a 21 day workout program for anyone looking to make a habit of fitness, get it? lol somewhat corny. Anyhow, It will be a great program to try!

Feel free to drop any questions or comments

Click the”Contact” tab to inquire about one-on-one training.

Be Well!

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