Every week I will post a full body workout that can be completed 2-3 times per week at home or inside the gym.  If you are looking for a starting routine or a change up from your normal routine, these workouts will help!  scale them to your fitness level and have fun!

Warm-up: Jog or run in place for 5 minutes/stretch lightly

  1.  Circuit: 5 rounds

▪️5 burpees

▪️10 bodyweight squats

▪️15 push-ups

▪️20 crunches

▪️25 jumping jacks

Cool down:  Strecth thoroughly 5-10 minutes

Complete each exercise back-to-back for the prescribed number of repetitions and that equals 1 round.  Complete all 5 rounds with as little rest as possible.

You are guranteed to work up a good sweat, increase your heart rate, burn calories, and burn fat while increasing musculsr strength and endurance.

Try it and let me know what you think.  Remeber you get out what you put in so PUSH YOURSELF!!



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