Taking the first step to get fit is one of the best decisions one could ever make in their lifetime. The benefits of fitness reach well beyond physical appearance. Ill throw a few at you;

– [ ] Increased energy level
– [ ] Increased confidence
– [ ] Reduced stress
– [ ] Prevents various disease
– [ ] Increased movement function

That small list alone is motivation enough to make the first step!

Now, what exactly is the first step? Its simple, START MOVING!

People tend to overthink the first step. “I need a gym membership” “I need a personal trainer” “I need a program” “I’ll start Monday”


Let me help you. Starting tomorrow, you will carve 15-20 minutes out of your day to walk/jog/run/bike ride/skate, whatever gets you moving! Do this everyday while you figure out which gym to join, which trainer to hire, and which program to follow. I promise you this. After 1-2 weeks of consistency you will feel a difference physically, mentally and probably more!

Take the first step on a life changing journey, you are ready whether you know it or not.

Be sure to drink plenty of water and I will touch on nutrition in the next post.

I hope this helps someone, somewhere.

I’m just here to motivate you!

Feel free to like, comment, and contact me with any questions.

Be Well!

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